The Test Run - A Glimpse of Dunmow

With a couple of days to go until I set off travelling I took a break from the packing to get outside with my sketchbook. As I‘ll be leaving drawings along my way I thought it only right to start off by leaving some in my hometown! The idea of this project is to create a series of quick drawings that I can do whilst having a coffee or resting my feet. The more detailed, time consuming pieces will stay in my sketchbook (most likely waiting to be painted at a later date) but these quick ones will be the ones I leave behind. It’s often easy to spend 10 minutes deliberating over what to draw, so by having this mission I’ll hopefully get into the habit of just picking up a pen and drawing what’s in front of me. The more I can draw, the more people can see them! To get into the habit of drawing against the clock I set myself the task of creating a series of ten minute watercolour drawings. They took 10-15 minutes each, not bad for a first attempt! I’ve left these tied to benches, gates and on noticeboards with a little explanation of the project. So now to wait and see if anyone finds them! Here are the drawings

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