Jessica Sian has always loved to draw. For as long as she remembers, being able to pick up a pen and create something beautiful has filled her with joy. As she grew up she discovered a whole world of materials aside from pens and paper. It’s from here that she found a passion for ceramics, immersing herself in ceramic projects during Art A-Level and then progressing on to study Decorative Arts at Nottingham Trent University. Seeing Dale Chihuly's blown glass at the Victoria and Albert Museum led to a fascination with glass and her degree allowed this interest to develop, providing the opportunity to experiment with combining ceramics and glass.

Jessica became interested in how the two materials changed in the kiln and whether they could be combined to create something beautiful. This curiosity led to her creating a range of unique slipcast porcelain vessels. The pieces explore the relationship between glass and ceramics, using repurposed bottle glass and oxides to colour the clay and create pattern. Once fired the pieces are polished by hand to create exceptionally smooth exteriors which contrast beautifully against the raw look and feel of the interiors. Often an exterior wall is also left in its raw state to showcase the patterns created by the glass and further emphasise the contrast in textures. Due to the nature of the materials and process each piece is unique. The pieces are designed to stand alone or in small clusters allowing owners to create their own collection to fit any space.

Throughout Jessica's degree illustration underpinned everything she made, no matter the material of the final piece. Graduation and a show in London led to a string of gallery exhibitions for both her ceramics and illustrations. It was through doing these that she realised that whilst her love of ceramics hadn’t faded, it was the instant results that came with illustration and the ability to capture somewhere beautifully meaningful on paper that she enjoyed.

She now work as a Buying Assistant by day and an Illustrator by night (well, evenings and weekends!). She specialises in illustrations of wedding venues and sports stadiums but has a vast array of architectural illustrations in her portfolio. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a happy couple or a reminder of somewhere special, she's always happy to discuss new commissions.

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